How much does it cost for my family member to live at Good Neighbor Village?
For information regarding the cost for full-time or respite care, please contact Mike Thompson at (804) 874-6453 or mthompson@goodneighborvillage.org.  Resident fees cover the cost of housing, furnishings, utilities, food, and travel expenses. Community transportation is arranged for those who work on a daily basis. Consult with an accountant to determine any tax-deductible options that may be available because of residency fees.

Is there currently room for my family member at Good Neighbor Village?
Yes, we currently have a few slots available. If this changes, the website will be updated to reflect the current availability. We are currently meeting with prospective residents. When maximum occupancy is reached, we will re-open our waiting list.

Will my family member have opportunities to interact socially within Good Neighbor Village and the community?
Yes, the residents are encouraged to participate in activities sposored by Good Neighbor Village, as well as activities sposored by community organizations, Henrico County, and other places of interest.  Regular activities include seasonal activities, games, puzzles, movies nights at the Village, shopping trips, bowling, picnics, cookouts, movies at the theater, and short excursions when you feel like you just need to get out of the house!  For those families interested in seeking out further summer socialization activities for their resident, Camp Easterseals UCP Virginia and Camp Rainbow Connection are two organizations that provide those experiences for intellectually disabled adults.

My family member attends church on a regular basis. Is Good Neighbor Village affiliated with any specific denomination, and can Good Neighbor Village arrange for supervised attendance at a local church?
Good Neighbor Village is not associated with any religious denomination. Our values are centered on the goal that the residents conduct themselves in accordance with what one would expect from a "good neighbor". Your family member is welcome to attend church on a regular basis. There are a number of churches of varying denominations within a short driving distance of Good Neighbor Village. Staff members are available to travel to church with your family member and stay with them at the service.

Are residents allowed to bring their own furnishings for their room?
Yes, residents are encouraged to use their own furnishings and decorations. After all, it is their home! If needed, however, we will gladly furnish the room for them.

Who runs Good Neighbor Village?
Good Neighbor Village is staffed daily with professionals who have experience working with the population we serve.  Additionally, a board of directors governs Good Neighbor Village and its operations to ensure that GNV remains a “Special Place for Special People.

Is Good Neighbor Village licensed?
Yes, Good Neighbor Village is licensed by the Virginia Department of Social Services. We are responsible for adherence to the guidelines set for by the department and have never received any “deficiencies” on any inspection.

How does Good Neighbor Village raise the funds needed to exist?
Good Neighbor Village is able to exist on the love, support, goodwill and donations from board members, community members, civic organizations, foundations, grants and help from people just like you. Good Neighbor Village has an ongoing development effort and we would appreciate any support you could lend. Please send us an email at info@goodneighborvillage.org for more information.

How close is Good Neighbor Village to the city of Richmond?
We are located in a quiet, rural area of Henrico County, Virginia just east of Richmond.

Can Good Neighbor Village help us arrange a trip to Richmond so that we may visit?
Sure! A representative from Good Neighbor Village will gladly provide you with detailed directions and a list of local accommodations. We can also help you arrange transportation from the airport. Our visitors are welcome to take a tour of Good Neighbor Village.

What does the future hold for Good Neighbor Village?
With the continued support of the extended friends and family of Good Neighbor Village, we will continue to meet the needs of our current and future residents for as long as there is a need. We reside on over 40 acres of land with plenty of room for expansion.